Cattle Dogs Needing Homes

Ready to Adopt? Here are some articles that might be helpful:

Why Adopt a Cattle Dog

For those who lead an active lifestyle or families that cherish the thrill of outdoor adventures, the Australian Cattle Dog promises to be a companion like no other.

Choosing to adopt one of these remarkable canines does more than just bring a lively friend into your home. It’s an act of giving a dog, who might have faced undeserved adversities, a renewed shot at happiness. A multitude of these dogs find themselves in shelters, waiting for their forever home, not because they’re lacking in love to give, but often due to circumstances beyond their control.

Adopting from a shelter usually comes with added benefits – from initial veterinary check-ups to essential vaccinations, and even spaying/neutering. And if you’re thinking about the costs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Adoption fees are generally a fraction of what breeders might charge.

Welcome to the world of the Australian Cattle Dog, a world teeming with loyalty, love, and zest for life.

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